ACES GQS is an independent international organization leader in delivering a multiple range of highly professional specialized Quality Services worldwide.

We help our clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals. With 30 years of experience ACES GQS embodies unique market possibilities in the creation of a unified global service provider leader with growing market positions in developed and emerging markets alike.  

Thru unwavering customer passion and unmatched industry expertise built on a rich heritage of growth, innovation and market leadership, ACES GQS is focused on creating customer value and making businesses more efficient, sustainable and profitable.

ACES GQS unique solutions empower its clients to achieve more by optimizing costs, increasing revenue and reducing time to value so they can always deliver on their customer promises.


History and Milestones

Since 1989, ACES GQS has grown into a dynamic independent organization that provides high-quality Project Management, Vendor Inspection, Expediting and Quality Services worldwide. Our qualifications, experience and accomplishments demonstrate our capability and for these reasons ACES GQS. has become one of the best service companies in the industry.


Vision & Mission

ACES GQS unique vision, mission and values capture the essence of who we are and how we interact with one another. In addition, it speaks to how we go to market and our commitment to delivering excellence to our clients.

Our core values help to define the culture of the group, motivating our staff to give their best and instilling in our clients confidence that we will deliver solutions of the very highest quality.

We aim to be the most trusted and respected Quality service provider company recognized by our clients for delivering excellence. 


Our People

ACES GQS is full of smart, driven people who care a lot more about getting it done, and the relationships we build, than about proving how clever we are.

ACES GQS people truly become a valuable extension of our clients' teams. As a result, our people are a primary reason our clients would recommend our company to others.


Anti Slavery Statement

Modern slavery is a crime and a gross violation of fundamental human rights. It takes various forms, all of which have in common the deprivation of a person’s liberty by another in order to exploit them for personal or commercial gain.


Management system

ACES GQS policy is to provide services that fully satisfy customers, industries and regulatory requirements. With this intent, has developed an efficient and effective management system specifically designed for our business processes. We operate a Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental management system, duly certified by accredited Third Party, designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO TS 29001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001. The system is systematically implemented to continuously improve our overall performance.




Research & Development

ACES Lab. is our cutting edge Research & Development department. It has a crucial role in innovation at ACES GQS. We believe that Innovation is the driving force behind every technologically advanced industry, a real driver of company growth.


IT system

With growing demand for quality, we challenge ourselves to redefine the future of our services with innovative approaches to technology in order to deliver a first class service to all our customers. Since its first release in 2003, this software has been tailored to meet the needs of our Clients and represent an important added-value to our services. Our management software is continuously updated and improved with new functions and applications to ensure efficiency, cost control and effectiveness.


Training & Qualification processes

ACES GQS is committed to continuous in house personnel training in order to keep it up-to-dated with the latest standards, technologies, methodologies and systems, leading them to achieve the qualifications required by the industries we serve. Personnel undergo regular training programs with both internal and external trainers.



With an extensive data base of more than 4000 skilled professionals, ACES GQS is able to cover any assignment request.


Covid-19 Emergency

Believing that everyone should do their part to improve this situation, we are proud to share the commitment that ACES GQS has undertaken to overcome Covid-19

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