• Inspection lead industry experience

    Inspection lead industry experience

    ACES GQS provides a broad range of multi-discipline inspection services, a high caliber of expertise and an extensive worldwide coverage.

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  • Broad range of Expediting Services

    Broad range of Expediting Services

    Expediting is a fundamental element of any project. It enables project objectives to be achieved. At ACES GQS we clearly identify the Expediting component of the project because it relates to project timelines, project objectives and ultimate project success.

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  • Quality Assurance for your suppliers

    Quality Assurance for your suppliers

    ACES GQS supports its customers in assessing the capability of their suppliers to meet process or product goals.

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  • Outsourcing & Project Staffing

    Outsourcing & Project Staffing

    Thanks to its network of professionals and specialists ACES GQS offers fast responses, flexibility, quality, effectiveness and client-oriented services in all stages of the project execution.

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  • We provide a variety of training programs

    We provide a variety of training programs

    Training plays a fundamental role in assuring to any organization's personnel the skills and competence they need to face nowadays challenges.

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About Us

ACES GQS is an independent international organization leader in delivering a multiple range of highly professional specialized Quality Services worldwide.

We help our clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals.


How can we revolutionize industrial inspections?

ACES AIR is a highly specialized division, part of ACES Global Quality Services group. It’s an ambitious project with the mission to revolutionize the drone inspection market, making its way to rank among the most reputed drone service companies in the world.

Counting on a background rooted in quality and almost thirty years of experience we have built a dedicated team of professionals to create a new range of services designed to improve safety, quality, reduce inspection time and costs for our customers. Our flexibility and responsiveness allow us to react immediately to any drone based inspection request.


We provide tailored and customized solutions

With ACES GQS our clients gain the knowledge and strength of a global company having extensive experience in Quality Services, with the personal attention, tailored approach and agility of a small business. All ACES GQS offices around the world run the same operating model and IT system, ensuring the same work procedure and process worldwide, as well as creating a unique network of resources.

Thanks to a vast data base of highly qualified and competent professionals, available worldwide, ACES GQS is able to provide tailored and customized solutions to its customers.


Covid-19 Emergency

Believing that everyone should do their part to improve this situation, we are proud to share the commitment that ACES GQS has undertaken to overcome Covid-19

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