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Oil & Gas

This is by far the largest operational field of ACES GQS. Whatever the sector in the oil & gas industry; upstream, midstream or downstream.



As a result of increasing attention to reducing harmful emissions, and because of a stronger conscience towards the protection of the environment, several governments and institutions have decided to pursue sustainable energy deriving from naturally replenished resources such as sun, wind, water, tides, geothermal heat.



With considerable experience in this field ACES GQS has successfully participated in several projects including surface mining, sub-surface mining, deep underground mining and deep-sea mining projects. ACES GQS is able to provide its service through a vast data base of employees and consultants who are very familiar with the components and products destined towards the mining industry.


Power generation

ACES GQS, being one of the market leaders in this segment, has provided a wide range of services to several Power Generation Projects including nuclear, coal, hydroelectric, oil & gas and renewable Energy sources.


Marine & Subsea


ACES GQS has provided its services on a broad range of equipments and components utilized by the major EPC and operators within the marine industry. Our expertise in this field encompasses the whole range of oil & gas platforms , as well as FPSO, FSO, MOPU, MODU, Pipe layers and Cable layers. Services are rendered at vendor shops, fabrication yards and ship yards in diverse locations around the world


Pipeline & OCTG


ACES GQS is internationally recognized as one of the few companies able to oversee pipelines projects of any size. Services provided includes inspection & expediting, as well as supervision & monitoring of line pipe manufacturing, bending, welding, coating and testing processes, for any kind of tubular products.


Steel making

The steel industry is often considered an indicator of economic progress, because of the critical role played by steel in infrastructural and overall economic development. The economic growth of the booming countries has generated a massive increase in the demand for steel in recent years, leading the steel industry to work near its productive capacity limit. ACES GQS has been involved in numerous developmental steel projects around the world, providing multiple services to the top engineering firms and operators in this field.



ACES GQS has provided specialized inspection & expediting services for a variety of equipment destined for railroads, ports, harbors and other maritime facilities. We have participated in projects for new constructions as well as extension and modernization of existing infrastructures by delivering valuable and tailor-made services to our customers.


Agricultural & food

The Agricultural & food industry is a multidisciplinary field which combines different kinds of scientific and engineering disciplines.
ACES GQS has participated in many agricultural & food projects and has successfully provided inspection & expediting services on a broad range of processing machinery, logistics & automation machinery, packaging & labeling machinery .



Over the years ACES GQS has taken part in numerous developmental Cement projects. We have provided direct support to our customers, helping them in getting their projects completed in due time, within the allocated budget as well as in meeting their quality goals. The services provided span from Project management to engineering services, vendor inspection & vendor expediting.



ACES GQS has been involved in significant Pharmaceutical projects working in close contact with the most prominent engineering firms. Being the pharmaceutical industries a very sensitive field, we are all aware of the multitude of laws and regulations, processes and testing requirements, and we have proactively contributed in ensuring quality, safety and efficacy of the projects we participated in.


Covid-19 Emergency

Believing that everyone should do their part to improve this situation, we are proud to share the commitment that ACES GQS has undertaken to overcome Covid-19

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