Desk expediting services

This kind of service is generally performed on low criticality or non-strategic supplies. Desk expediting is best used to obtain general information like, submission of the required documentation, placement of sub orders, overall progress of the fabrication, and deliveries; relevant to a certain supply. This kind of service is generally performed at specific milestones or according to a frequency established by the customers, or suggested by the expeditor. The success of the desk expediting service is maximized if performed in conjunction with field expediting visits.

Field expediting services

ACES GQS provides a wide range of on-field expediting services to ensure its customers, that all stages of engineering, procurement, fabrication and delivery processes are timely performed by their manufacturers in compliance with a known, agreed and reliable production programme. This kind of service is generally performed at main vendor or sub vendor ‘premises; at specific milestones or according to a frequency established by the customers, or suggested by the field expeditors.

Full-time expediting services

A full-time expediting services is normally performed whenever a client requires an expeditor to visit a certain vendor on a full time basis for a given period of time. The full-time expediting services allow our expeditors to monitor all the production processes and ensure that the expected delivery dates are met.

Project Coordination

The tasks of the Project coordinator is not just limited to scheduling the visits and submission of reports; our project coordinators are fully involved from the beginning of the assignment in establishing along with the customer the level of services required; instruct the provide personnel, provide them with all the information , documentation and instructions relevant to the assigned tasks, including established frequency of visits. Our Project coordinators have been trained in project management philosophy with a proactive attitude to problem solving.


It is a fact that the companies are made up of people, and people are the key of the success of any service provider organization. We at ACES GQS employ highly qualified and extremely competent expeditors, with multidisciplinary expertise which includes engineering, procurement, planning, production and logistics. ACES GQS is committed to continual training of the personnel it employs to keep them updated on the latest expediting methodologies.

Training provided includes: Expediting methodologies, Problem solving, Lesson learnt.


In any expediting activity, the report is the “product” which ultimately a service provider organization provides to its customers. ACES GQS is fully aware of the importance of providing a detailed and precise report to its customers, as the report has to reflect what has been performed during the expediting activities. All of the ACES GQS expeditors have been trained and instructed to fill each report with the maximum degree of details. Digital pictures are also provided to enhance the report content. Each and every report is duly screened and checked by the assigned Project coordinator and Technical assistant, before submission to the customer. The timely submission of the reports is a very crucial element in this process, and both our expeditors and the project coordinators have been instructed to complete the process within the shortest possible time. ACES GQS format or customer’s format can be used, as required.

Covid-19 Emergency

Believing that everyone should do their part to improve this situation, we are proud to share the commitment that ACES GQS has undertaken to overcome Covid-19

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